Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ham - a Lot!

We are finally finishing up the last of the second ham.
As I didn't wish to bore you this time around
with a blow by blow description of every ham dish,
I thought I would just do a round up of the different
ham dishes that I made this time.

Besides ham sandwiches and ham salad - a lot of it,
I made a few different dishes using ham.

 One evening for dinner
I made a frittata with some of the ham.

 Since I've done this before,
I'll skip the steps this time.
You can check the steps out here.

 Pair this with a salad and this is a nice dinner.

 Another evening I decided to make ham two ways.
I made the standard Harvest Potato recipe,
but I added some ham to the mix.

Then I sliced some of the ham,
added some canned pineapple,
and mixed the syrup with an equal amount of 
brown sugar.

After pouring the mixture over the ham,
I covered the baking dish with foil
and put this in the oven with the potatoes
for the last half hour.

The remaining ham was trimmed of all the fat
and skin and then chopped and made into
ham salad.
As the ham was rather salty,
I added a bit of sugar to the ham salad
to counteract the saltiness.

Only three cups of ham salad left
and then we can finally say good bye to this ham!

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