Thursday, February 2, 2012

A foggy Morning and an Early Spring?

I awoke this morning to find that it was soupy outside.
It was a foggy day.
Or as a former neighbor had once 
convinced the Foodie Daughter when she was younger;
a froggy day.

 Visibility was 1/4 mile at best.


 Heh, it's even foggy looking down into the garden from the deck.

 Later on in the day, 
once the fog had cleared out and the sun came out,
I ventured out into the garden.

The hellebore is beginning to bloom.

 The magic lilies and the lirope are coming up.

 The rhododendron are ready to bloom.

 The hyacinth are popping up through the ground.

 While some roses never lost their leaves.

And some dracaena never died,
despite the fact that they are tropical plants.

This is an unusual winter, to be sure.

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