Friday, August 20, 2010

All's Not Quiet on the Home Front

As it turns out, that June 15 hail and wind storm

did much more than just provide blog fodder.

It also did quite a bit of damage to our roof.

I suppose I should have guessed that when I had to

pick up over a dozen pieces of shingles off the ground


And the two pieces of vinyl siding.

Perhaps I was in denial?

I've always thought that De Nile

was a nice place to live.

A lovely river, a pretty valley,

A comfortable house with a white picket fence...

However, when we began to notice that

several of our neighbors were suddenly getting

new roofs,

we had to ask the hard question.

Did we have storm damage?

The white spots are hail damage on the porch roof.

When the hail hits the roof,

the asphalt granules are scattered

and the fiberglass is exposed to the elements.

The sun then melts the fiberglass.

The insurance adjuster agreed that we did indeed

have both hail and wind damage.

Time for a new roof.

Luckily for us,

we know just the right company for the job.

That's right,

They put on our new deck last year

and we are life-long customers now.

Yep, this fifteen-year old roof has taken a beating this spring.

And here are the two pieces of vinyl siding that still

need to be reattached.

Bad wind storm.

This is the color we picked out.

It is Certainteed Landmark's Colonial Slate.

It's bright and early Tuesday morning.

Seven am to be exact.

I don't do mornings.

Did I mention that?

I like this picture.

It tickles my fancy.

Another nice cloud picture.

Can I go back to bed now?

No, I guess it's time for the shingles to arrive.

The roofers were already at work tearing off the roof

on the side of the garage.

Then they had to stop to help with the delivery.

Roofer's tools.

The delivery man at work.

The school bus makes its trial run the day before school starts.
Oh, I suppose the driver had something to with that as well.

I take a picture of the delivery man taking a picture.

The first bundle of shingles arrive on the roof.

And the house begins to shake.

The supplies have been delivered.

The men only were able to finish this side of the roof

the first day.

Looks good.

Day two.

They are having to adjust to the twelve-twelve pitch

of the roof.

(That means for every twelve inches of run,

the roof rises twelve inches.

And it just doesn't get much steeper than that.)

Our neighbor has often told us that he and his brothers

used to work as roofers while in school.

When approached by someone with a roof like ours,

they would respond that they just didn't have the time

in their schedule to get to them.

That was an easy way out for them as they didn't

want to work on that steep a roof.

The end of Day Three and they have just started

to shingle the main part of the roof.

The end of Day Four.

Click on the picture to see the difference

between the new and the old.

I have always hated the old roof.

I have never understood where the color of the roof

came from.

The vinyl siding is light blue/grey,

the brick is light tan/taupe

and the roof is an ugly brown/grey/black

that doesn't match anything.

Next week:

The roof will be finished and a special surprise.

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