Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Now It's Quiet on the Home Front

After six days of hard work

- for our contractors -

and much noise for us,

our roof is finally finished.

I love this new roof.

Click on the pictures to fully appreciate the

before and after shots.

I'm not sure this roof had ever seen better days.

Now for that surprise I had promised you.

And this is also a story of

"While we are doing this, let's do this as well..."

One thing that had always bothered

and annoyed the Foodie Daughter was the lack

of natural light in her upstairs bathroom.

I had heard about a product that could easily

remedy the problem for relatively little money.*

As a bonus, it might be eligible for a Federal Tax Credit.

*As opposed to putting in a window or a traditional skylight.

But first,

let's take a look at the bathroom before.

This is a Jack and Jill bathroom

with a pocket door between the areas.

The tub/shower and toilet area is lit with only

a ceiling exhaust fan light that is 100 watts.

But now a ten-inch hole to the outside world has been cut

into the ceiling.

Within a couple of hours

the bathroom is alight with natural daylight,

thanks to the Solatube™.

No more fumbling for light switches in the middle of the day.

It's the final day of work and the men are finishing

the roof.

The finished roof from the rear of the house.

The small Solatube™ bubble is visible

on the upper main roof.

Bye bye garbage dumpster.

Hello peace and quiet.

Many thanks once again

go out to Josh Koontz and his wonderful crew.

It was a job well done.

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