Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Foodie Train Heads to Israel

Bloomington holds the annual

on Labor Day weekend

and I always attend on Saturday morning.

Today I had a second objective

in mind as I went to town.

An Israeli restaurant sits

a block away from the festival.

I knew this would be a good time to

venture out of Asia

and into the Middle East

in my continuing quest

to dine my way around the world

without leaving Bloomington.

Falafels is tucked away in the rear of Dunkirk Square.

The waitress was kind enough to explain what the dishes were.

The decor is eclectic and intimate.

After we ordered, a basket of grilled pita bread with

olive oil and tomato sauce was brought out.

The Foodie Daughter suggested that we get

a small order of Pita Chips.

These were fried and served with Hummus.

Very nice.

The Foodie Daughter ordered

the Shawarma Sandwich,

which is grilled chicken on their

freshly baked Pita Bread.

She chose to have onion, roasted peppers and fries

added to her sandwich.

The Foodie Daughter liked this,

but felt the sandwich was too much too large for her.

She also thought that next time

she would just add onion as the other

flavors were just a bit much.

I ordered the Original Beef Kabob Sandwich,

which is ground beef formed into patties and then grilled.

I added tomatoes and cucumbers, onions

and Mamaganush (feta cheese rolled in fried eggplant)

to my sandwich.

The meat was slightly spicy

and the flavors vaguely reminded

me of a Greek gyro.

These were some seriously big


They were good and we enjoyed our "trip"

to Jerusalem.

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