Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scenes from a Bus

Early on Saturday, August 28,

my husband and I headed

north to Indianapolis.

There we were to get on a bus

with twenty-eight other Scottish Rite people

and head to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The mists rise out of the fields in the early morning hours.

We arrive at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.

Ah, our carriage awaits.

Lew, our tour expediter, readies us for our great adventure.

I will apologize now for the quality (or lack of)
for some of these photos.
It can be very difficult to get a good picture
from a moving bus.

Goodbye, Indianapolis.

Hello, Ohio River.

Oh, sorry.

Were you expecting pics of the great state of Ohio?

Sorry. I was half asleep and as I grew up in Ohio

I was kinda bored with it all.

Too bad I-70 doesn't go through more interesting terrain.

Just into West Virginia,

we travel through the first of three tunnels

on our way east.

And we cross another river.

Ah, two things I love.

Hills and barns.

More barns.

A wind farm.


And what is this?

Why I do believe this is the infamous

Heh, the Foodie Daughter and her boyfriend

are both too young to remember the significance

of this piece of Americana.

A scene along the Schuylkill River

just outside of Philadelphia.

More of the river scene.

Skipping ahead,

here we have the stadium complex

south of the city.

This is the baseball stadium.

This is the football stadium.

And he scores - a hole in one!

(sorry, love to kid my sports-minded family)

A better pic of the baseball stadium.

Touch down!

And another of the football stadium.

(It's a home run!)

And now a word from someone else's sponsor.

Where's my money?

No, really?

And here is the basketball stadium.


A little bit down the road and across the way

is the Navy Yard.

Looking up the Schuylkill River from I-95.

The distant Philadelphia skyline.

Another river community.

More of the Navy yards.

This sort of sight tends to amaze us Mid-Westerners.

Yet another river.

(And around here the streams have dried up due to the drought.)

I believe this is the famed Brandywine River

in Delaware*.

*Yes, Delaware. But that is another post.

And, here's Alan - our talented bus driver.

He managed to maneuver our bus into and out of situations

that you you wouldn't believe.

Give the man a hand.

Looks like we are in Delaware.

What do you know?

An old ocean liner docked in the Delaware River.

And in case you haven't noticed,

this post jumps around a bit as I am attempting

to pull out bits and pieces from six days

and several hundred pictures.

A church somewhere around Philly.

Gotta love that message.

The mountains beckon.

There's another barn!

Early morning in the mountains.

Love my barns.

I-76, or the Pennsylvania Tollpike,

is also known as

The Blue Star Memorial Highway.

I realize that this is not a scene from a bus,

but I did get to this rest stop from a bus,

so there.

Notice the lovely rose hips.

Rose hips are edible and are an excellent source of
vitamin C.

However, I would not recommend eating rose hips

from plants that may have been sprayed with insecticides

and/or herbicides.

Know the source of your food.

A bumblebee visits the rose.

More lovely rose hips.

Lovely landscape.

Squee, another barn!

Crossing rivers on our way back home.

Back on our own again in Indiana.

And the evening clouds greet us.

Rain awaits to the west.

Sadly, that rain never reached us.

At least we have the pretty clouds.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.
More of the trip to come.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Lovely pictures. I have a thing for barns and rivers myself. Looking forward to the rest of your trip.

Kathy said...

I want to explore the old ocean liner in the Delaware River.

Kathy said...

Oh, and the last cloud picture is da bomb.

Marilyn said...

I will be talking more about the ocean liner in a future post, Kathy.

Glad you enjoyed the post.