Friday, September 24, 2010

The Philadelphia Trip -

The Food Part II: Lunches

If there was any meal that was

a bit redundant on this trip,

it was lunch.

But that was entirely by my own choosing.

I was trying to be good.

It seems that I had a hankering for salads.

First up was the pre-packaged salad at

Longwood Gardens.

This was a salad of garden greens with

peppers and mushrooms

with a vinaigrette.

It was a salad.

Nothing special.

Certainly not worth the $8.00

I had to pay for it.

I did find it interesting that the water bottle

was compostable.

Next up was the salad from the Winterthur Cafe.

Here I was able to pick and choose from the salad bar.

Even with marinated beef, watermelon,

honeydew melon, croutons and cheese,

this still was less than $8.

This salad was by far the best lunch I had

had our entire trip.

Kudos to Winterthur for making lunch right.

Look, I even had a lovely view to go with my lovely salad.

Later that day,

and even though I didn't need the food,

I headed over to the Reading Terminal Market.

I realized that since I was on the East Coast,

I had to have an East Coast hot dog.

After doing a bit of shopping at the market,

I got my hot dog.

I was even good and refrained from putting catsup on it.

Sorry, I'm a heathen that way.

I love this place.

And now for the winner of the absolutely, positively

worst lunch I had while we were on our trip.

*Drum roll, please.*

Dramatic Announcer Voice:

"The Gettysburg National Military Park

wins the dubious distinction of having the worst

lunch this Foodie had while on her Philly trip.

Tell them what they have won, Johnny."

Ahem, my name is Marilyn.

And they've won the uncoveted

"Our Food Majorly Sucks" Award.

Me thinks they need to talk to Winterthur

to learn how to do it right.

I ordered the tuna salad over lettuce.

The tuna salad was flavorless and dry.

The salad was bland.

Put them together and you get yech.

And with a water this meal cost me over $10.

Yep, majorly blech.

Oh, and did I mention the communal tables?

On our way home on Thursday,

in Wheeling, West Virginia.


it was thought that this would be a good

place to eat lunch.

At least the menu here was unique.

I ordered the wild boar sandwich with fries.

It was definitely of the pig family.

Ham, but wilder and bolder.

My normally culinarily-timid husband

ordered the venison sausage.

Sniff, I'm so proud of him.

Such ambiance.

*Eye roll*


it was interesting.

And every new experience adds to my soul.

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