Saturday, September 18, 2010


16 de Septiembre:

Bicentenario del Grito de Independencia

(September 16:

Bicentennial of the Mexican Independence)

We thought we should celebrate

our southern neighbor's

Independence Day with food.

You may remember this meal from

We still had quite a bit BBQ pulled pork

left and I was wondering how to use it

when I came across an article

online about foods

for the Mexican Independence Day Celebration.

Immediately the light bulb in my brain turned on.

This was an easy transition from Indian to Mexican.

I prepared a pico de gallo

with cherry tomatoes,

a dried Serrano pepper,

chopped red onion,

chopped Italian parsley,

kosher salt,

cracked black pepper

and freshly squeezed lime juice.

I added a bit of chopped Romaine lettuce,

the BBQ pulled pork,

pico de gallo,

chopped red onion

and sour cream

on a taco shell.

This was a light and tasty meal.

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