Monday, February 9, 2009

Soup and Salad

It's Monday. Monday always follows Sunday, at least in my experience. And with Monday, comes the job of figuring out the week's menus.

But first, see what I found under the melting snow? These are the skeletonized seed pods from my Stella de Oro daylily. They really are quite striking.

Midnight is checking out these strange things that his mommy brought into the house.
Yes, he is doing a bit better now. And that makes me feel better, too.

And now, on to the food. I happen to adore main course salads, so that is on the menu for tonight. The first job was to cut and fry two slices of bacon. Then I sauteed some of the frozen diced ham I had left over from Christmas in the bacon grease.
How bad can any recipe be that starts with 'fry two slices of bacon'?

I cut up the remaining French Baguette Bread from Sunday's dinner. The bread cubes then went into the bacon grease. But not to worry, as the rest of the dinner is healthful.
Some dried Herbes de Provence were sprinkled over the top. The bread cubes were carefully sauteed over medium-high heat until just browned.
I had also hard-boiled a couple of eggs for the salads. Romaine lettuce was chopped and cleaned before being plated.

Sliced red onion, grated cheese (mozzarella for the daughter and Parmigiano-Reggiano for me) and salad dressing complete the salads.

This tasted just as good as it looks.

Some left-over turkey noodle soup rounds out this delicious dinner.


Anonymous said...

Looks good.
What type of salad dressing?

Your friend,
Miss Steph

In Sandy Mush, NC

Anonymous said...

Wow. Love the seed pods from the stella d'oro lilies. Perhaps you could incorporate that into some type of krafts project!

Love your blog,

from Sandy Korner, CA

Marilyn said...

Well, Miss Steph, that was the Semi-Ho part of the meal. I bought pre-made, bottled Honey French salad dressing (recommended: Marzetti) that I found in the produce department of my regular grocery store.

Anonymous said...

Were any seasoning packets involved?

Kimber, from Snadon Ford, Missouri