Sunday, February 8, 2009

Comfortable Food

Let's see; it's Sunday, we're all at home, and it's a lazy kind of day. I think it's a great day to make some soup.

Please note that I'm working without a net here, as I am not using a recipe for this dish.

My mise en place for the Turkey Noodle Soup. From front center, continuing clockwise: garlic, green beans, celery, carrot, frozen corn, egg noodles, black pepper, salt, homemade turkey consomme, homemade veggie stock, Herbes de Provence, a bacon-wrapped turkey filet and onion.

The veggies have been chopped, the garlic minced and the turkey diced. The bacon was set aside so that it could be cooked first and the fat used to saute the veggies.

Once the bacon has cooked, it was removed and became a snack for the cook. The onion, carrots and celery went into the pot and those cooked over medium heat for a few minutes.

Then the turkey and 1/2 teaspoon dried Herbes de Provence were added to the pot.

After a few more minutes, the corn, green beans and the minced garlic were added. The stocks were then added to the pot. Some water was poured in to bring the liquid up to the desired level.

The soup was brought to a boil before the noodles were added. The heat was reduced to medium-low, allowing the noodles to gently cook. Salt and pepper were added to taste at this point.

I wish you could smell this.

The soup was very tasty with the tender chunks of turkey, the crisp vegetables and the smooth noodles. The Herbes de Provence and the salt and pepper added just the right seasoning for the soup. A loaf of Schwann's French Baguette Bread rounded out this simple but satisfying meal.

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Hello, I just found your blog and
canIjestellya? I think you need to use more seasoning packets. Just sayin'.
Love ya!
Stephanie from Sandy Land, Arkansas

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