Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back in the Garden Again

Now that the weather has quieted down,
we were able to get back to work in the garden.

Campanula glomerata,
or clustered bellflower.

I like this picture.

Coreopsis, or tickseed.

Christopher Marlowe Rose.
This is an English Rose.

Golden Celebration, another English Rose.

An unknown miniature? rose.
Don't ask how I could forget what rose I planted where.
It happens.

English Perfume.
This is listed as a Grandiflora, Hybrid Tea.
So am I.
I would not call this a Hybrid Tea.

Awe, look who I found out in the garden.
It's Myrtle.

Myrtle is a juvenile Eastern box turtle.

Right after I took this picture,
Myrtle took a tumble off my hand and on to the deck.

I gingerly placed Myrtle back in the garden and after
a moment he/she ambled off.

And now back to the work.

While my husband worked on setting the pavers at the
ends of the garden paths and the concrete edgers around
the perimeter of the garden,
I worked on setting bricks in the garden to separate
the beds from the paths.
We had inherited the bricks when we bought the house
and they matched the bricks on the front of the house.

Looks better already.
I hear that Sam's Club is already open,
so I can go get more recycled rubber mulch for the paths.

And we are one edger short.
No problem.
I can pick that up this week.

And I need more cypress mulch for the beds.

I still have some weedy areas to address in the garden,
but this is already looking great.

Now some mulch and this area is just about finished
- for now.


Rosie Hawthorne said...


Marilyn said...

Thanks, Rosie. It's been a lot of hard work, but it is satisfying to see the garden re-emerge from the chaos and the weeds. And let's not forget to thank Mr. P for his most excellent idea to edge the garden with the concrete edgers.