Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Flowers in My Garden

For the first time in several years,
I have been able to do some serious work in my garden.
Too bad Mother Nature hasn't been cooperating with me.

If we didn't live on a hill I'd be building an ark.

Spring is a bit slow to show its face here in this zone 5b-6a (it depends upon what mood it's in at the moment) garden,
but come along and see what is blooming this time of year.
All of these plants are perennials and will live for several years.

Last year I planted this Lenten Rose, or Hellebore.

I first took this picture three weeks ago.

This plant is still in bloom.

A Columbine is blooming.

This year I planted a Harmony Orchid Anemone. It was not the color advertised, however. I expected and wanted pink. Not red. I'm claiming false advertising. This has messed up my entire landscaping theme. Now what am I going to do?

This is a fringed bleeding heart.
It will bloom sporadically throughout the season and can stand some sun.

My chives are blooming. These chive blossoms are edible and are great in salads. They have a delicate onion flavor and will surprise and delight your family and guests. Just be sure to clean the blossoms to wash out any little critters.

Candy tuft, or Iberis.

Old fashioned bleeding heart. This is the bleeding heart from your grandmother's garden. Unfortunately, this beauty only blooms a few weeks in the spring and the plant will die back once the heat comes on in the summer.

The Sweet Woodruff is blooming.
This herb smells like freshly cut hay and was used to freshen houses
and to repel insects.
This plant spreads easily and happily.

I planted this Touran Neon Rose Saxifaga this year.

I often put on my Master Gardener hat and help my friend and fellow blogger, Rosie Hawthorne, identify her mystery plants. This time I have my own mystery plant. Despite my numerous garden books and Internet resources, I have yet to identify this little volunteer in my garden. It may be a weed, but it's kind of cute.

Update: I finally found the identity of this plant. It is an Appendaged Waterleaf.

Here's another new recruit to my garden: Chattahoochee Phlox.

A rather petite Columbine.

Another Columbine.

A month or so ago, Rosie Hawthorne asked for my help in identifying a spring-flowering bulb in her friend's garden. At the time I had the suspicion that I had the same flower in my own garden, but mine weren't blooming at the time. Fast forward to this weekend when my suspicions were confirmed. This is indeed a Star of Bethlehem.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Goodness gracious.
I have almost the exact same post coming up. One on April 30 with bad lighting (cloudy) and the better one on May 1 with SUNLIGHT!