Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 45 of My Confinement
- in the Garden

I have been hard at work in the garden.
Much has been done.
But much more remains to be done.
Gardening never ends.

And did I mention that I have tendonitis in my left wrist?
This certainly makes things a bit more difficult.

But some projects are getting finished.
And I am finally getting some help in the garden.

More edgers going in on the side of the garage.

Look, it's our friendly neighborhood box turtle, Yertle.

We had to work around Yertle when we were working
on the side of the garage.

The main garden is slowly taking shape.
It still needs to be re-edged and mulched.

Then my husband decided that he wanted
to put concrete edgers around the bed by the neighbor's fence.

But then the rains came - again
and the temperatures grew cooler,
so work temporarily stopped in the garden.

So let's look at some flowers.


The baptisia australis is blooming.

The common name for this plant is false indigo.

Bearded iris in front of Miss Kim lilac.

Gertrude Jekyll rose.
This is an English rose and has a wonderful,
old rose scent.

English Perfume.

Sarah Bernhardt peony.

Perennial geranium.

Tradescantia or spiderwort.

Gaillardia or blanketflower.

After much fruitless searching on the Internet,
I looked through the perennials while at my local nursery.

I found a perennial that had similar flowers but different leaves.
I noted the name and looked the plant up on the Internet
when I returned home.

It turned out to be a different variety of the plant I
had seen at the nursery.
Another plant mystery solved.

This is a glade bluestar or Amsonia tabernaemontana.

And my rhododendrons are blooming.


These flowers remind me why I do all this work.


Rosie Hawthorne said...


Now why can't I grow peonies?

Marilyn said...

I love my peonies, even though they only bloom for a short period of time.

Since peonies live in zones 2 to 8, my guess is that your area is just on the edge of their tolerance to heat, so you would have trouble growing them where you live.