Thursday, January 31, 2008

Family Memories

I have been trying to put together my thoughts enough to tell you about a very important person in my early life, when I came across these old photographs that I "inherited" when my paternal grandmother died. More on her later once I reconcile the fact that a certain Semi-Homemade TV personality has hijacked my life story.

Without further ado, I present snapshots of a past life. Do not adjust your computer monitor. I control the hues, I control the color. Just live with it.

Now, this might be my father, but I have now way of knowing. I do know that I lived in this house when I was a young girl. I like the old car in the driveway*.

*Disclaimer: I like the idea of an old automobile, but I much prefer the comfort and safety of a modern vehicle.

Hey, it's another old car... and a future model.

Well, I have no idea who this might be, but it's still cute.

My aunt Lois and her younger brother Robert, my father.

My father wonders why he is on this huge animal. Notice my grandfather hiding behind the ferocious beast.

My father is playing with tonight's dinner, er the chickens.

This is my aunt Lois. Don't mess with her!

My dear grandmother Esther and my grandfather Gerald. This is who they were. Nothing more, nothing less. There is something special about that.

I have absolutely no idea who these people are, but hey, it is neat.

No matter what the decade, kids will be kids.

Isn't it nice to know that some things never change?

All I know about this ethereal creature is that her name is Terry, she is 13 years old and the year was 1952. (And I once lived in that house. Several years later.)

I have no idea. I don't know who she is or where this was taken. And as with all the other pictures in this posting, I don't know who took these pictures. But there is still something quite fetching about these old images. Now, if they had only labeled these pictures.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

What a wonderful collection of photographs. I think that pony was the same one that came to my house when I was four years old and I had my picture taken with him. I had forgotten about that all these years until now. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.