Friday, April 13, 2012

A Spring Walk in Leonard Springs Nature Park

Thursday was a lovely day,
so I decided to start it out by visiting Leonard Springs.
After all, I had promised myself last fall
that I would return to this lovely park in different seasons.
And if I can't keep promises to myself,
then I have a problem.

 I found that the wildflowers were in bloom.
Yellow Rocket, or Bararea vulgaris.

Dwarf or Spring larkspur.

Trillium sessile or Wake Robin.

Golden Ragwort.

The upper cave.

Another picture of Dwarf Larkspur.

And another Trillium sessile.

Color me unhappy.

Graffiti has little use in my happy little world,
but even less use in such a lovely place such as this.


Are you kidding me???!!!!

Take your spray paint and put it where the sun don't shine.

And I don't mean in a cave.

Abundant algae in the stream.

Wild ginger.

Water hemlock.  
This plant is in the carrot family,
but this particular plant is considered to be the most
poisonous plant in North America.

Ingesting even a tiny bit of this plant will kill you.
It is not advisable to even touch this plant..


It has been dry here lately,
so the springs are running a bit low for this time of year.

I even found another waterfall on this visit.

Looking downstream.

Moss on a tree trunk.

Celadine Poppy.

I still like the sculptural element of this fallen tree.


Another Golden Ragwort.

A view of the remains of the Leonard Springs Reservoir.

Mosses on the ground.

Daisy Fleabane.

Oh look, I've made a new friend!

Thanks for coming along on my brisk walk.
I feel energized.  

And ticked off.
Not to worry.
I've notified the proper authorities.


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Beautiful scenery and great weather, too.
vera charles