Friday, April 20, 2012

More Morels!

It's finally time for that Hoosier classic - morels!
And since morels are going for $37.99 a pound this year,
I rounded out the dish with Crimini mushrooms.

Morels are wild mushrooms*
that can be found growing in the woods in the spring time.

*Some would argue that morels are not truly mushrooms
as they do not have gills and spores. I fall within that camp.
I would argue that morels are a related fungus,
but are not mushrooms.

Morels are not to be eaten raw.
Unlike other mushrooms, morels should be cleaned in water,
as they are hollow and critters like to hide inside.
Unless you like to eat some unexpected protein 
with your morels,
you do need to rinse these delectable fungi before patting dry
and cooking.

 Heat one tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil and four tablespoons
unsalted butter in a non-stick pan over medium-high heat
before adding sliced Crimini mushrooms and the dried morel

Spread out into an even layer and leave alone!
Allow the 'shrooms to caramelize before turning.

Once the mushrooms have turned a nice golden brown,
turn and then allow the second side to brown as well.

Remove from heat and finally salt and pepper.

Never salt mushrooms while they are cooking as that will
retard browning.

The finished dish.

Earthy, meaty, filling.

Too bad we can only afford this lovely treat once a year.