Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Garden in April

The garden is beginning to take off
and the colors are exploding.
It's enough to make even the most hardened of hearts melt.

 Until last year this azalea had been hidden under
two barberry bushes.
Finally, it is its time to shine.

 A Columbine.

 A Heuchera, or coral bells in bloom.

 My Rhododendron in bloom.

Typically, rhododendrons and azaleas do not do well
in this area as they like acidic soil
and we, being in limestone country, have alkaline soil.

I seem to be blessed as my plants are doing well.

 Close up of the rhododendron blooms.

 English Perfume, an English Rose.

And yes, it does smell quite lovely.
 I'm sorry that it opened too late for the Hawthornes to enjoy it.

 Gertrude Jekyll, another English Rose.
This is a highly perfumed rose.
She is also very temperamental.


 Another Columbine.

 Glade bluestar or Amsonia tabernaemontana.


 Yet another Columbine.

 Another view.

And what is this???!!
I'm so ashamed.
I'm just glad that the Hawthornes weren't here to see this.
This is mutinus elegans, or the Devil's Dipstick.
It is a phallic fungus as one can easily imagine from its appearance.

Hmph, and right out there where just anyone can see...


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Damn! I missed the dipstick.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful garden. Well, except for that dipstick, but still...

I wanted to let you know that I made the Yang-Yang Beef that you posted about a while ago. It was delicious! Thanks for the tip.

vera charles

Marilyn said...

I lay no claim to the dipsticks. And thanks for the compliment.

Glad you liked the Yang-yang beef. I think I need to make that again.