Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Out with the Old, in with the New - Times Two

On Saturday morning as we were getting ready
for our tailgate before the IU football game,
the Foodie Daughter alerted me to a serious problem.
It seemed that the temperature inside the refrigerator
was a balmy 60 degrees.

Definitely not good news.

And the decision of whether or not to get
a new fridge had been taken out of our hands.

At least we would once again have a working
ice and water dispensor.

That might take some getting used to.

But, as Saturday was tailgate day and game day,
there was no shopping to be done that day.

So the Foodie Daughter and I headed out
to the stores on Sunday to purchase a new fridge.

Now, you know how some stores claim to have
next day delivery for appliances?
Apparently, that does not apply for refrigerators.

You know, that one appliance that you 
absolutely need right now if your old one dies?

Go figure.

So, it was off to store number two to try our luck.

Even there, the best we could do was a Wednesday

We put our heads together and decided
1) to purchase the refrigerator that we liked
2) to purchase a mini-fridge to keep our foods cold
until our new fridge arrived.

Fortunately for us the freezer was still 
holding well below 32 degrees, 
so it was only the refrigerated foods that we had to worry about.

We finally found a decently priced mini-fridge
at our local Kroger grocery store.

Minx is not pleased by the new intruder.

He is not pleased at all.

And finally today the new, real fridge arrived.

This is a behemoth.  

The delivery men had to lift the fridge over the island
in order to get it into the kitchen.  
At 29.6 cubic feet, this is one of the largest fridges
on the market.

This is a Samsung side-by-side refigerator.
We did our homework beforehand and had decided
upon Samsung.
Only the model changed once we learned what was
actually available in the stores and what was on sale.

Of course, the salesperson
tried to sell us the model with the LCD screen with APPS.
Why yes, I've always wanted to Tweet from my fridge - not!

Minx is not pleased.

Once again something new has invaded his space.

Meow - hiss.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Refrigerators have APPS now?

BTW, I'm jealous. I miss my side by side.