Saturday, September 24, 2011

Football Season!

Football season has arrived!
And that means that it's tailgate time.

Our tailgate is set up across from the student
tailgate field.

Built-in entertainment.

Week one and note the location of the tent next door.

Our neighbor was nice and got security
to move the port-a-potties moved that had been
set up right in front of our tailgate buddy's tent over night.

We gave him food to thank him.

This is a prime location.

The Big Ten Network was here for the first home game.


The band payed tribute to local business man
and philanthropist Bill Cook,
who passed away recently.

Sadly, IU lost despite being up by 8 points with
1:35 to go in the game.

Week two and it's another game and another tailgate.

The food is spread out; ready for the tailgaters.

Week two and our neighbors and we are much
more cozy.

They don't go into the game.
Instead, they have a TV and a satellite dish
and watch the game out here.

We start out with breakfast this time.

One of our group made breakfast burritos.
Egg, turkey sausage and salsa wrapped in a tortilla.

We brought maple sausages wrapped in crescent rolls.
Cut each crescent roll in half and wrap the breakfast
Bake according to roll directions.
Serve with syrup if desired.

Yet another member of our group brought a lovely 
fruit and cheese tray.

I made sliders for lunch.


Our neighbors brought over some onion rings
that they had deep-fried.
In turn we shared some of our food with them.

The students were partying hard.

We have a sweet set-up here.

The Marching Hundred goes by.

These two have it figured out.

Shadow patterns on the ceiling.

Game time.

I like the fancy new computer video
that welcomes the team.

More fireworks.

This week IU played South Carolina State.
South Carolina State has a band that is comprised 
of about 380 students.

They travel with all those band members.

It was also Band Day
and various high school bands were invited to play
with the IU band.
Oddly enough, the local bands were not there
as they were busy elsewhere.

And the Hoosiers win their first game of the season.

Trash everywhere.

Local church groups work with IU to pick up the trash.

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