Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Antique Water Pump Has a Plinth

I had a free afternoon and decided to use it to
build a plinth for the water pump I had found 
at an antique store a while back.

I had struggled between building the plinth 
out of stone or brick or wood.

Ultimately, wood won out, simply because 
I am most comfortable working with wood.

I purchased six 1/2" x 6" x 24" boards.

In the end, I only needed five of those boards.

I also bought two  2 " x 24" boards for trim boards.
The final board I purchased was a 4 " x 24" board 
for use for the top.

I also purchased 2 packages of 1-1/2"x5/8" L brackets
but I only needed one as logistics would not allow 
a screwdriver to be used inside the box
after a certain point.

I used the L brackets for the first couple of corners.

And then physics set in. 
From now on I would have to secure the box
from the outside.

The PVC pipe is there for structural integrity.

Now is the time to break out the new miter box.

Sadly, my old miter box fell off the shelf last year
and broke. Le sigh.

And now it is time to cut two pieces of wood
to make a platform.

Glue them together.

Screw the pieces of wood into the plinth.

But how to make a 2-1/2" hole 
when one doesn't have the necessary equipment?

And when one's rechargeable battery 
keeps dying in the middle of the job?


Keep drilling, says I.

despite the impending rain,
the plinth is finished.

I just have to figure out a paint finish
to match this beauty.

1 comment:

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Aren't you the talented one!

I'd go for a matte metallic finish.