Monday, October 11, 2010

An Autumn's Afternoon Walk

We are having unseasonably warm

weather lately

-try mid to upper 80's-

so we are endeavoring to take

advantage of it while we can.

The Foodie Daughter and I are also trying

to get in shape,

so we went for a walk this afternoon.

This time we went out back and walked

on the road behind our house

instead of in the neighborhood.

Come along and enjoy

the lovely fall colors.

Sasafras trees.

Entwined tree limbs.

Fresh Eggs!

At several spots along the road

one can see tracks

where the deer cut through

the brush.

These last two are behind our house.

Deer tend to travel the same paths.

Yikes, our yard is dry.

Oh well,

at least our roof looks nice.

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