Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Autumn Afternoon Walk

- or Two

My massage therapist's office

is just off the B-Line Trail in Bloomington,

so I try to take a walk on the B-Line

whenever I can after my appointments.

Gotta love the fact that they planted

the trees right under the power lines.

Just like this.

The reworked railway bridge over Third Street.

Elephant ears and other plantings under trees

along the B-Line.

I guess this is a way to water the plants in this prolonged


I stopped by the WonderLab Garden

of the B-Line Trail.

The reused cork project.

A drinking fountain for everyone

- adults, kids and pets.

The B-Line Trail ends at Second Street.

They are working on extending it farther south.

It is nice to see that this trail is used by so many people.

I see people on their lunch breaks,

mothers with young children in strollers,

people on bikes,

people power-walking,

people jogging

and people just strolling.

Click on the picture to see the humorous message
written below the sign.

A sign promoting a walking group.

After shopping,

and walking over a mile during that activity

(I was wearing a pedometer),

I stopped at the Clear Creek Trail on my way home.

Clear Creek is running low.

Compare that to April 10 of this year when

the spring rains had swelled the creek.

Fall color.

Looking downstream.

Again, looking back to April 10, 2010.

Now, back to the present.

American sycamore tree leaves.

Across the road

a dry-stacked limestone wall lines a field.

Fortunately, soon after I returned home,

the rains came.

Not much, but it was welcome.

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