Friday, October 1, 2010

How Dry Can You Go?
It's been dry around here.
How dry?
So dry that quite a few streams have run dry.
Is that dry enough for you?
Thought so.

This is the color of grass in the winter.
Not so much in late September.

Lovely, eh?
I'd agree.
We haven't mowed since July.
Not once.

On the way home from town today,
the Foodie Boyfriend and I took a slight detour
on our way home from town.

Hey, look!
Our farmer friend is still hanging from the barn.
For at least twelve years* this poor farmer has been
left hanging from this spot.

*That is how long we have lived here.

After crossing a very, very dry Moore's Creek,
we arrived to see that Lake Monroe was indeed
a few (okay, several) feet down.

We are standing in the area that is normally covered
by the lake.

When is it going to rain again?

Normally, we would be standing in the lake.

The shrub line is where the water line usually is.

If you have rain and don't want it,
please send it our way.

We won't tell anyone.

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