Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Normal Evening in Southern Indiana

As is usual for this time of year, we once again find ourselves in an unsettled weather pattern. As such, we may or may not be experiencing stormy weather each day. It just depends on what the weather decides upon for that day. We poor humans are just along for the ride.

I'm sorry (well, only if just a little bit), but there is nothing prettier than a sunset before the storm.

The storm clouds have been building.

There's got to be a morning after (hm, now why am I now thinking about Ernest Borgnine in the movie 'The Poseidon Adventure'? - or am I really showing my age here?).

Well, let's just go with the idea that water droplets on canna leaves are intrinsically beautiful.

Now, why would you ever doubt me? Trust me, there is beauty in even the simplest of things in life.

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