Thursday, July 17, 2008

Art in the Kitchen

I have to admit to a fatal flaw. Now, come on. Admit it. You didn't think I had any, did you?

Hmph, well, okay. So I might have one or... twenty-something or another...

Anyway. I love art and I love art that I can incorporate into everyday life. If you are an alert, faithful reader, you just might recognise a few of these pieces from my previous posts.

I just love this bowl from this artist. So much so that I bought it "twice". Be patient. You'll see later what I mean.

Unfortunately, I forget this artist's name. I will make the trip over to Nashville, IN later this year to find out for you, though, as I have several of his pieces.

I bought this at a pottery shop in Hannibal, Missouri in 2001. I frequently use this bowl for salads and such, when this bowl isn't being just another pretty piece in my kitchen.

And yet another piece from my favorite local (danged if I don't know who he is - but I know his work anywhere) artist. Please forgive me, kind sir.

He must really hate me about now. This is from the same collection. This happens to be a very nice spoon rest. It's almost too pretty to use, isn't it?

Er, yes. And this fine bowl has the dubious honor of being used as a ring holder in the kitchen.

And this was the piece that started it all so many years ago. I bought this fanciful gravy boat (which may have actually have been used as an actual gravy boat once in its illustrious career) several years ago. It's main purpose in life now seems to be to hold water bottle caps and lids. The poor thing.

Do you know how hard it is to find a really good utensil holder? And then for that utensil holder to really look good? I think I scored rather spectacularly here, thank you very much. And the fact that the thing was decorated with grapes just happened to be the icing on the cake, or whatever. Yes, my kitchen ended up with a grapes motif. It wasn't my fault. I didn't plan it. It just happened. How do these things happen?

This is one of my newer finds. Yet another local artist crafted this beauty. And if some pieces happen to cost a bit more, then by all means, put them aside for a Christmas present or for some other important occasion.

And we are back to my favorite local artist. Go back a few pictures and you will see that this is very similar to one of my earlier bowls I bought from this artist. So similar and yet so different. That is just one of the many things I love about hand crafted items.

I urge you to seek out local crafts persons and to augment your collections with some special items. You may not use them every day or even ever, but if you can, indulge and enjoy.

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