Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome to the Garden

The garden is flourishing,
despite my neglect as I have had more pressing matters 
on my mind lately.

 The ever lovely Dr. Huey Rose. 

 Salvia.  I think.

Damn, I didn't label it.

Gertrude Jekyll.

I wish you could smell this rose.
The scent would take you back to your grandmother's garden.

Pincushion flower.

A rose carpet or something in bloom.  

Another genetic wonder of the rose world in  bloom in my garden.

Rainbow's End, with all the delightful colors on display at once.

As the flowers age, they go from yellow to orange to pink.

This is a miniature rose, in case you are interested.

Campanula or bell flower.  

And finally, meet my friend, Croakie.  
Just don't make any sudden movements.

He's a bit skittish.

The other day I went out onto the deck and opened the umbrella
only to find Croakie looking up at me as if to say,
"Hey, what are you doing here, invading my space?"

Never the less, we spent the next few hours in peaceful
cohabitation while I read and he sat in his cup.  

Finally I decided to call it a day and I enclosed Croakie back into his 
umbrella cocoon. 

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

You're really making me homesick.