Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop the Madness

Today many major websites and some bloggers, 
such as Cake Wrecks and
are voluntarily blacking out
or simply protesting SOPA and PIPA,
proposed legislation that would censor
the Internet and greatly restrict information
to regular users in an effort to 
combat illegal piracy.

Of course, piracy is a bad thing
and should be stopped.

But stop it at its source
and not by restricting links
as these proposed legistations
are aiming to do.
That will hurt everyone, honest or not.

As a blogger, I frequently post
links to recipes and I even will
post links to Youtube videos
from time to time.
I even have a Youtube video imbeded
on this blog.

Even though I have never claimed 
that these are my links, 
my recipes or my videos,
and I always give credit where credit is due,
these would be illegal under the new legislation
and I could be shut down simply for having 
those links on my blog.

SOPA and PIPA may have been proposed 
for the right reasons,
but they are not the right answers.

Let your local lawmakers know that you are
opposed to these proposed legislations.
Punish the pirates and not the Internet
and the many honest users.

As it is, SOPA and PIPA
are like using a Sherman tank to swat a fly.

And yes, I know I'm old-fashioned,
hush you.

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