Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lunch at El Ranchero

I decided to treat myself after my
bi-weekly massage and headed to a
restaurant that has been on my "to-try" list:
El Ranchero.

Mexican cuisine is a bit out of the way
in my world culinary tour,
but I was on the "wrong side of town"
after all.

Since this was my treat to myself because
of a month-long migraine
and this was a stopping point
before a special mini trip,
I could do what I wanted.
So there.

I was promptly seated in the expansive dining room.

There were quite a few diners present,
but this was a large place, so it didn't feel crowded.

The menu.

Having perused the menu online
before I arrived,
I already knew that I wanted the Carnitas.

A shot of the dining room.

I asked for a glass of ice water with lemon on the side.

Look, Rosie!
Four slices of lemon!

After taking my order,
the server brought out this large basket of warm
tortilla chips and the carafe of salsa.

Now, how am I going to eat all of these delicious chips by
Well, I tried.
They were very good.
Although I prefer pico de gallo over salsa.

The Carnitas arrived.
This is a plate of pork tips served with rice, refried beans,
guacamole salad and a side order of warmed flour tortillas.

Don't let the large hunks of pork fool you,
they were fork tender.

Carnitas are typically cut from the "Boston butt" or shoulder
of the pork and are slow roasted for several hours
until the collagen is broken down.

I bundled the various ingredients into the flour tortillas
and rolled them up.
I also simply ate components of the dish 
as they were.

Quite delicious.
Not spicy at all but this had some very nice flavors.

Not bad for $6.99.

Now that I was fed it was time to head off for my
despite the fact that the wind chills
were in the low 30's.

Next up, a rugged hike through a beautiful
Southern Indiana nature park.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Funny you should order the carnitas. I've been reading up on those lately and want to try them. Waiting to find a pork shoulder in my freezer.