Monday, November 21, 2011

Eating Out For a Good Cause

Two weeks ago a pizza delivery driver in our town
returned to his job only to find that a punk
was breaking into
his fellow employees' cars.
The driver confronted the thief and was shot.
He later died from his wound.
This young man left behind a fiancee,
a new born child and two other children that
he had sworn to love.

Pizza X, the company that this young man worked for,
devoted all its proceeds for three days to a fund
for these three children who would never know
this kind man.

We tried to partake of this deal, 
but we failed to take into account
just how many other people
would also be eager to be 
willing to help.
When we called at 6 pm,
we were informed that it would be a
two and a half hour wait.

Then, the next week DeAngelo's offered to donate 100%
of its proceeds for one day to the fund for this young
man's family.

Sadly, we were not able to help then either.
But then the local newspaper reported
 that another yet another local restaurant
was hosting a fund-raising event 
for the pizza delivery driver's family.

I was available and I knew I had to go.

La Torre restaurant was donating
100% of their lunch proceeds for 
the Adam Sarnecki fund.

I focused on the lunch menu.

Click here for a better look.

After ordering my usual
ice water with lemon on the side,
and wondering just what side the lemon would 
land on this time,
the complimentary tortilla chips and salsa arrived.

My very nice server asked if I would like cheese
and/or guacamole.

I asked for the guacamole. 

The chips and salsa were good, but not great.

In fact,
I took the guac back home to 
the the Foodie Boyfriend
and he asked me to help "fix"
the guac so that it tasted as good as my mix.

The atmosphere here is more "family" oriented"
than El Ranchero. 

El Ranchero seemed to be more "sports bar"
oriented with the flat screen TVs mounted around
the restaurant, despite the fact that no sound 
from the TVs was to be heard.

I ordered the chimichangas.

This is an 8 inch flour tortilla stuffed with cubed beef 
and deep fried.
 It is then slathered with a cheese sauce.

The dish was accompanied with the 
usual refried beans,
Mexican rice, lettuce,
pico de gallo and sour cream.
This was a good dish.
Tasty, and mildly spicy.

I will have to admit that Mexican and Tex-Mex
foods will never be my favorite foods, 
but that won't stop me from trying to like this 

I think that the problem is that I like
the juxtaposition of sweet and sour
and that just doesn't happen in Latin cuisines.

There is no Yin and Yang. 
No delicate balance of flavors here.
Instead there is just a sledgehammer
demanding attention in your mouth.

The cubed beef, tomatoes and onions
spilling out of the chimichangas.

A Mexican textile hanging in the window.

The cost of this lunch?

$6.79 for the entree.
$3.19 for the guacamole
$3.00 tip
$.0.70 tax
$20.00 donation

I should  be good for a decade or two.

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