Thursday, July 14, 2011

Steak and Potatoes

 Rosie Hawthorne has her tuna steaks
I have my rib eye steaks.

We each and every one of us have our
own line drawn in the sand.

In other words,
why is it so difficult for a restaurant to mess up
such a simple dish - or two?

Why indeed?

I leave it to Rosie Hawthorne instruct you on the makings
of a good tuna steak,
and perhaps this might be the first step in that direction,
Take it away, Rosie.

But I can tell you about the makings of a good 
rib eye steak. 

 First of all, I can tell you that about twenty-five
years ago, most Americans were in the "Aack running 
away screaming from even the mention of fat mode"
 so rib eyes 
could be bought for $1.99 a pound because
rib eyes contained too much fat for
those fat-fearing phobes.
Lucky us who were smart enough to not
only smell a bargain, but to realize that this was 
a great tasting  beef before the chefs did.

Enough of the history lesson that you all
have conveniently forgotten.
I am making a chimichurri sauce.

I did not follow a recipe this time,
but you can find the link for Emeril's recipe for
chimichurri sauce here.

I've changed this recipe a few or a dozen times by now,
but who's counting?

I also roasted potatoes and onions on the grill.
I first microwaved the potatoes for about 11 minutes
with a bit of water and salt
so that they were partially cooked.

I then added more salt, pepper, fresh rosemary
and olive oil before putting them on the grill. 

The rib eyes were cut in half and liberally 
seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper.

They sat on a grate over a plate in the refrigerator for 
a few hours before being brought out
about an hour before cooking time.

And what can I say?
Cook the meat until it is done but no more.

My husband likes his steak
so I put his on first
(his is the one with the metal pin in it so we can identify it)
and the rest of us quite sensibly
like our steaks medium-rare.
On a hot grill, a medium-rare steak will only take a
few minutes on each side to cook.
But each grill is different,
so you must experiment.

The chimichurri sauce is ready for dinner.

It really is too bad that more restaurants 
haven't figured out how to make great rib eyes.

And the sad thing is that is IT IS SO SIMPLE..


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thanks for reminding me.
I've been meaning to make that chimichurri sauce.

Ellie said...

My favorite steak, the only kind I will eat. Looks delishious!! I love the tail :)

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thanks for the link love.

Marilyn said...

Ellie, I like the tail section too. But as the mother, I let everyone else pick their piece first, so I get what is left. What is wrong with me?