Thursday, July 7, 2011

Breakfast in Fort Wayne

Before we headed out of Fort Wayne
we wanted to get some breakfast.

But since I have a rule that we don't go
to chain restaurants,
we needed to figure out a place to go.

Once again we turned to our good friends
and tailgating buddies.
And after all, who better to ask than a former cop?

We were told that Friends too had some
of the best breakfast food in town.
Just be prepared to eat too much or to share.

The menu.

You will note that this is
a Greek restaurant.

You will need to click on the pictures
to read the menu.

The Foodie husband chose the Friends Skillet,
which had potatoes, tomatoes, feta cheese, gyro meat,
2 eggs and toast.

He chose to have whole wheat toast and
his eggs cooked sunny side up.

All this for $7.29.

Sadly, he could only eat about half of the meal.

But he proclaimed it to be very tasty.

I opted to go with the Friends Omelette [sic],
which was loaded with gyro meat, feta cheese and tomatoes.

This came with whole wheat toast and home fries.

I don't know how many eggs were in this omelet,
but I am guessing there were at least six.

This omelet could have fed our entire family
and we would have all been full.

Obviously, I did not even come close to cleaning my plate.

This plate cost $6.99.

Our friend was right;
this was a good choice.

The food was good and the waitress was friendly.
And that is what matters.


Rosie Hawthorne said...


What exactly is gyro meat?

ungsori is my word verification.

I want ungsori for breakfast.

Marilyn said...

Gyro meat is typically made of finely ground lamb and beef with spices that is roasted vertically and served in a pita or gyro (pronounced your-o).

Anonymous said...

If you like grease you'll like this place way to much !never again !!