Friday, July 8, 2011

Minx Has a Staring Contest

Last week we got a new dishwasher after our
old dishwasher gave up the ghost.

We went without a dishwasher for two weeks
while the Foodie Daughter researched
different brands and models
and consulted our copies of "Consumer Reports"
and online customer reviews.

Then, when my husband and I returned from
Fort Wayne, the Foodie Daughter and I went
shopping for a dishwasher and purchased a
highly rated model that happened to be on sale.

We chose a Whirlpool Gold dishwasher.

It was installed by a very nice and efficient
gentleman last Friday.

We have run it a few times since then,
but this is the first time Minx has been around for the event.

He doesn't know what to think.

Maybe he can stare it down.

Meanwhile, we are very happy.

We never liked the dishwasher we had inherited
when we bought the house.
We had to run the dishwasher on the
"pots and pans/heavy duty wash" setting
just to get the dishes mostly clean.

Besides the fact that this dishwasher holds more dishes,
it also cleans better on the "normal" wash setting.

The Foodie Daughter did a good job.

But I think that Minx lost the staring contest.

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Anonymous said...

The dishwasher looks silver to me, not gold.