Friday, March 18, 2011

The Long Way Home Again

This past Thursday was a beautiful day

with temperatures in the high 60's, if a bit breezy.

Time for another detour on the way home.


Deer ahead.

The deer gaze at me as I pass.

The water is even deeper this week.

I parked the car and pocketed my cell phone

while I took pictures.

Looking towards Lake Monroe.

The tops of the guard rails of the bridge

over Moores Creek can be seen in this picture.

Looking upstream.

Where lake meets road.

The road is now part of the lake.

This will stay this way for some time.

And now for some barns.

Color striations on the barn's roof.

Keep hangin' in there.

I like old barns.

Can you tell?

Another one just down the road.

The deer say goodbye as I head home.

A sad sight this morning.

Our neighbors decided to have their spruce cut down

after it received damage in an ice storm last month.

Goodbye tree.


Mr. P said...

I wonder if the trunk was what I moved out of the road today. Hmm. Do you want some firewood?

Marilyn said...

That was probably another tree trunk. I think that they travel in pairs this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Loved the old barn photos!

Marilyn said...

Me too, notmuchofacook. I think my love of old barns stems from my paternal grandparents who were farmers. As I recall, they had cattle, pigs and chickens and also grew crops. In other words, they were the old world farmers.