Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Second Helping of Snow

I am sure that the light dusting of snow

that we received the other morning was only

just enough to wet your insatiable appetite

for snow,

so I made sure to order a second helping

of the fluffy white stuff just for my lovely readers

who so love the stuff.

This is what we found when we looked outside this morning.

It's everywhere.

One to two inches, huh?

Looks to be more like 4-1/2 inches and more is to come.

For now we are to deal with rain and then freezing rain

before it turns back into snow later in the day.

Sounds like fun.

Only not.

I think I'll stay inside today.

Now, that sounds like a plan.


Anonymous said...

Only pretty to look at, not so pretty to have to go out in. And apparently I decided to Sleep-walk/paint my car white on the upper half, yeah that sounds good. needed a new paint job after that accident 3 weeks ago.

Marilyn said...

Silly Foodie Daughter. You should leave the painting to the professionals.

tortietat said...


We got snow in Winston-Salem today as well. Supposed to be flurries with no accumulation, but ended up with a couple inches of wet snow, that thankfully stuck only to grass and trees.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hrrrrmmmph. I left a comment this AM and it didn't show up.

My word verification was rosivin, which I thought quite apt.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I'm just hurtin' lookin' at all this.
I want SNOW!

Word veri is selov