Thursday, December 9, 2010

Going Greek

Today the Foodie Daughter and I went on a

whirlwind Christmas shopping spree.

But before that, we went on a slight detour to the

Greek Islands.

Or at least to our local Greek restaurant.

The Trojan Horse Restaurant has been a fixture of

the downtown Bloomington scene since 1978.

I of course ordered the Gyros (properly pronounced yearo),

while the Foodie Daughter played it safe and opted for the

Tenderloin sandwich with cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickles,

onions, catsup and mustard.

She loved this sandwich and said that it was crispy

and moist and flavorful.

My Gyros arrived with its distinctive blend of savory

lamb and beef seasoned with select spices,

onion, tomato and zaziki sauce

(a combination of Greek yogurt, sour cream cucumbers and garlic).

This was subtly spicy and messy and oh so good.

We decided to splurge and we both ordered dessert.

Baklava ice cream: ice cream with baklava folded in.

This was a good meal and I want to thank the

Foodie Daughter for traveling to Greece with me today.


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