Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crispy Orange Beef

Tonight it was just the Foodie Girls for dinner,

so I decided to head East for inspiration.

I pulled a package of boneless chuck eye steak that

had been marked down to $2.99 a pound

out of the freezer.

I peeled and cut a carrot.

I also cut a celery rib

and diced half a yellow bell pepper.

I cut about 1/3 cup red onion into chunks.

I then cut one bunch broccoli florets into bite-size pieces.

These were set aside.

I also had some leftover sauce from last night's dinner.

That was a whiskey sauce with soy sauce, honey, garlic,

red pepper flakes and a bit of whole grain mustard.

Then I added 2 tablespoons of orange juice

(since I didn't have an orange),

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1/4 cup white sugar

1/3 cup rice vinegar

1 tablespoon grated frozen (or fresh) ginger

1 clove garlic (not shown), grated

to the leftover sauce.

The meat was sliced into pieces against the grain.

I like the late afternoon light here.

The veggies are prepped.

The longer-cooking veggies are in the larger bowl.

After resting in the fridge for a bit, the meat is coated in


The meat is fried in hot oil in small batches

and set aside until all is cooked.

All but 1 tablespoon of the oil is drained and then the

carrots, onion and celery are added to the pan.

Then the sauce is poured in and allowed to reduce.

Finally the meat is added back in and the

broccoli and peppers are added to the pan.

Then the heat is turned off and dinner is ready to be served.

I admit that I Semi-Ho'd the rice, using a microwave


But, despite that fact, this was a lovely dinner.

We did decide that the next time we might try a

batter in order to keep the beef crispy.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Beautiful pictures of meat and vegetables. Beautiful.