Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Grand Lodge of the Free and Accepted Masons

of Pennsylvania

Make no mistake about it.

This is a beautiful building.

Please indulge yourself and enjoy the full virtual tour here.

The Grand Lodge building is just across the street from

City Hall.

Intricate stone work.

The building has been certified by the

Philadelphia Historical Commission.

It is also a National Historical Landmark.

Grand Staircase.

Grand Foyer.

This is an old power regulator for the building.
It looks to still be in use?

The Grand Banquet Room.

After our banquet on Tuesday evening,
we were given an impromptu tour of the temple.

These bronze doors each weigh one ton.
The Benjamin Franklin Room is behind
these massive doors.

Oriental Hall.

The Rear Staircase.

Ceiling detail of the Grand Banquet Room.

Another ceiling view of the Banquet Room.

Each room had exquisite ceilings.

Our knowledgeable guide tells us about the room and building.

The Egyptian Hall.

All the details have been matched to the room's theme.

Rear Staircase Hall.

It must be noted that there is no wood detailing in this
building. It is all stone and plaster.

Norman Hall.

Ceiling of the Norman Hall.
Remember - this is not wood, but plaster.

Amazing ceiling in an upper hall.

Another view.

Looking down the hallway.

Another spectacular ceiling.

And with the lights out.


This is an amazing building.

Grand Staircase - Second Floor.

Renaissance Hall.

Corinthian Hall.

I think this was my favorite room.

This was a lovely building and our guide was gracious
despite the late hour.
Many thanks to the Philadelphia Masons for their

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. I am sure they do not do the building justice. I bet it was even better in person.