Monday, February 15, 2010

The Woolly Worms Were Right
The National Weather Service had predicted a mild winter,
while the woolly worms and the Old Farmer's Almanac
each foresaw a cold, snowy winter.
With the severe cold snap that hit Florida,
the snowstorms that have hit much of the country and 'Snowmageddon',
it would seem that the woolly worms got it right once again.
It has been claimed that these little critters have
an 80% accuracy rate for prediction winter's weather.

But first, let's enjoy the comforts of a roaring fire on a cold winter's evening.

And this was the scene that I found outside my window this morning.

Just as I was feeling good that I would not have to travel out in this weather,
the Foodie Boyfriend called to say that he couldn't get the
Foodie Daughter's car up the hill at the front of the neighborhood.

We told him to park the car down at Buddy Bill's Bait Barn
(yes, really - we do live near a lake after all)
just down the road from the neighborhood and to walk to the house.

Then I drove down to the front of the neighborhood,
picking up our passenger before
parking at the top of the hill.

Then I made the quarter mile trek on foot down the road to where the car was parked.
Years ago, the '93 Honda Accord was my car
and I had much practice getting the thing up a steep driveway in snow and ice.


I carefully started down the road before attempting to turn left into the neighborhood.
Uh oh, it just was not going to happen.
The car slid rather than turned.

On to plan B.
I continued down the road a bit and attempted to turn left into a driveway.
Again, the car slid instead of turning.
I was finally able to make the second driveway that I tried.


Then I carefully made my way back to the entrance to the neighborhood.
This time I was able to turn onto the street
and I pressed steadily on the gas pedal as I worked to get the car up the hill.
I steered and steered and turned that wheel to counter the fishtailing.
Take that, Danica Patrick!
You may be great on the track, but I rule on ice and snow!

Almost there.

That was more "fun" than I care to have.
I think I'll stick to my Honda CR-V.

Since I am out, I decided to take some pictures.

There is a bird bath somewhere under all that snow.

The garden bench.

This is a wet snow.

The birds visit the bird feeder.

Snow changes the landscape.

Five inches of snow cover the deck railings.

Woolly Worms - 1
National Weather Service - 0


Derrick said...

yes it was a hard trudge from the campus to the house and spinning out 3 times doesn't help much either

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Absolutely wonderful.

Thank you for the pictures.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Oh my. I so yearn for snow.