Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall Fell

Well, I guess it was bound to happen, but dang, I always hate when it does.


But first, let's hear it for fall's last hurrah.

Oh look, I got "voluntold"* to go to another IU football game.

But at least it was a beautiful, warm (low 70's day).

Not bad for early November.

*"Voluntold" is the Foodie Boyfriend's term for when one is volunteered by someone else. Perhaps it comes from his military background?

My Cleveland Select Pear trees are finally turning color.

Just lovely.

Now here's a funny/stupid story for you:

The city of Bloomington, IN recently planted several Cleveland Select Pears along their new B-Line Trail.

Then, some "intellectual" pointed out that these trees are not only weak in wind storms, but supposedly invasive. Heh, I've had two of these trees for ten years and have never had any problems with transplants popping up elsewhere.

So, the city now plans to cut down all these trees and replant them with other trees.

Yep, folks: your tax dollars at play.

See, I told you fall fell.

Apparently, right on my new deck.

Honey, get the broom!

You got some sweepin' to do!

And now, a treat for my loyal readers:

My beautiful late fall/winter sunsets are back.

And now for yet another bonus:

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Hairball said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures. The trees look so pretty in their fall wardrobe.