Monday, September 1, 2008

The Fourth Street Festival Returns to Bloomington

One local event that I look forward to every year is the 4th Street Festival. This is a nationally recognized arts fair and it pulls in artists from as far away as Florida and New Mexico.

It's still early, but already the crowds are building. Oddly enough, people even bring their dogs to this event.

Will play for money.

Will play for free.

Not to be outdone, the fire department has its own bagpipe player.

After laying down a good bit of money, I think it's high time I left this festival behind.

And by the way, when was the last time you asked what payment someone required for a purchase and they tell you that they would let you go home and write them a check if you don't have the money on hand at the moment? Luckily for the out-of-town artist, I did have the required cash so I could pay for my beautiful oval Shaker box.

Let's take a little detour on the way back to the car. This sight is well known in Bloomington. I wish they would come take care of my garden.

Every year many Wave Petuniastm and trailing vinca are planted in these window boxes.

The old county courthouse.

And what's that on top? A fish? No one really knows why a fish was chosen for the weather vane. But the fish is there and the community has embraced the fish.

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