Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Mini Cincy Slop Con!
The reason Shrikes exist!

Today, my daughter and I had the pleasure of meeting up with a fellow Shrike (those who are opposed to Sandra Lee's message and food). Years ago we lived in the Cincinnati area and used to shop at a rather unique local grocery store. Now that we live 140 miles away, it obviously takes a special effort to go to this particular grocery store!

Ah, we go this way!

Spoonie and Missie (Kelley) celebrate our adventure.

First, we met up at Benihana's in Cincinnati and had a wonderful and entertaining meal. We exchanged gifts and rejoiced in finally being able to meet face to face.

We prepared our special 'tinis for the occasion.

Kelley created Sandra Lee inspired 'tinis for each of us. Warning: Do NOT try these at home! These 'drinks' are meant as jokes only!


2 parts peach vodka
1 part dark rum
½ part champagne
½ part ex-presso
1 tbs. Taco seasoning

Use a spoon to mix all ingredients. Spoons are wonderful utensils. And you know that there are more uses for spoons. Log on and download my special suggestions. Mix and garnish with a carrot stick.


2 parts vanilla vodka (hey, did you know that vanilla is actually from an orchid plant? I mean, can you imagine that they can actually make food from real plants?)
1 pint coffee ice cream
1 part root beer
1 part orange liqueur
1 tbs. Thick and zesty seasoning

Mix and garnish with a
Celery stick.


3 parts pepper vodka
1 part moonshine
1 part chocolate liqueur
1 part Coca-Cola
1 tbs. Gatorade mix (Gatorade is usually served during football games, which makes sense since Gatorade is made from the sweat from tired football players. I love sweaty football players…)

Mix and garnish with a granola sports bar.

Spoonie put together a basket of Cincinnati goodies for us! My husband likes Spoonie already because she included his favorite pretzels!

The girls are fighting with the toy rolling pins.

Jungle Jim's is part grocery store, part tourist attraction, part wonderland. In short, it is Foodie Land! The store itself is 6 acres, while the produce department covers one and a half acres. Would you believe we spent 3 hours walking through the store and shopping? So much to see, so little time..

Jungle Jim has a monorail. Someday he plans on having a track go around the property so people can ride it.

How many grocery stores have 'road' signs?

And how many have a pond with life size statues of animals, a pond and a waterfall?

Orchidgal (me) and Spoonie get ready to shop! Sadly, Jungle Jim's does not allow cameras in the store. So no pictures of the inside. But do check out the website.

Spoonie saw the Batter Blaster(tm) in a can and just had to get it!

After much fun and laughter, we parted ways with the promise to do this again. Or... we may just show up in your home town!

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

I am SO jealous. I wanna go to Jungle Jim's with you guys.