Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Glorious Day in the Kitchen

I was able to spend a wonderful, relaxing day in the kitchen today. Even though I am a 'retired' homemaker, I still find my time to be somewhat precious. Thus, today was a rare treat to myself.

I went against the wisdom of the ages and created a dinner menu that was completely foreign to me. To wit: turkey tenderloin with a pomegranate glaze, roasted green beans, and homemade applesauce.

Yea! My pricey investment from 20 years ago finally pays off!

Mash those apples, people! Take care here. It is much easier to add sugar than to try to compensate for too much sugar in the dish. I took into account the type of apples I had and determined that they were sweeter and thus required less sugar. Disclaimer: the concept of sweetness is subjective.

I have pomegranates. Ooh, they're bleeding. On my cutting board. Yuck. Now I have to clean that up!

Puree the pomegranate seeds. Ooh, purty.

It's still purty, although the froth does subside after a while.

I reluctantly admit it: I grew up in a household that believed that the only vegetables worth eating came from a can. And then were boiled until no possible semblance to edible food was discernable. Thankfully, I do not subscribe to that belief.

The turkey tenderloin has finished cooking in the pomegranate glaze.

I love a productive day in the kitchen. And I do fervently believe that even failures can result in furthering knowledge. Go ahead: at the very least, all you have to lose is a delicious meal. At the worst, hard earned money. If these parameters are within your tolerance zone, then I invite you into my world.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

That pomegranate puree is purty.