Saturday, October 22, 2011

Butternut Squash Soup

This is one of those dishes that I have always 
heard of and have sort of feared and yet 
have really wanted to try at the same time.

Confused?  So am I most of the time.
Welcome to my world.

The players this time around are 
a container of "pre-cut" butternut squash*
1 carrot and some change**
1 tablespoon butter
1-1/2 cups turkey stock
half and half
black pepper
olive oil
*Hey, around here it's almost impossible to find 
un-pre-cut butternut squash, so lay off me. 
And even if I could find it, I wouldn't feel like
risking life and limb for the flesh wherein.

**I only had one measly carrot, 
thanks to some Bugs Bunny wanna be's living with me.

***Do yourself a favor and seek out the whole nutmeg.
It really does make a difference in the flavor.

First I sweated the onions.  
"Where were you on the 18th of October?
Not talking?"

Erm, yeah,  on with the recipe.

Since I am genetically incapable of following a recipe,
I decided to roast the butternut squash and the lonely carrot,
and change,
in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes.  
I had first drizzled these with olive oil and
sprinkled the pieces with salt and pepper.

I then added the squash and carrot to the sauteed onion.

Then I poured in the turkey glop**** er. stock.

****Don't listen to her, turkey glop is just another way of 
saying turkey jelly.  
It is a wondrous thing. 
It means that you have reached culinary nirvana.   

For you normal people, 
you could add chicken stock or
even vegetable broth.*****

*****Remember, there is no such thing as vegetable stock,
as stock is by definition cooked with bones.
I also added another cup and a half of water to the mix.

And then I mashed.
I did the monster mash.

First with the big masher and then with a smaller masher.

The recipe called for dragging out a food processor,
but I really didn't feel like doing that,
and this recipe is not the boss of me.

I really need an immersion blender.
Hint, hint.
Christmas is coming up soon, folks.
Just sayin'
The soup is mostly blended and we are satisfied with the seasonings.

Add salt and pepper to taste.
Always, taste, taste, taste.

A grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of wine round out the deal.

Still, we all agreed that more carrots would have
made this better.
As it was, the butternut squash made this
a bit too much on the sweet side for our tastes.

I think that by adding more carrot to the mix, 
we will be able to mitigate those flavors.
Stay tuned.

Luckily, I have about three cups left.
And I have bought more carrots.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thanks for the idea. I feel like soup today.