Thursday, August 25, 2011

Take Two on Mongolian Grill Food

Recently I blogged about a new Mongolian Grill
restaurant that had opened in B-town.
While we didn't dislike the food,
we weren't intrigued enough by the chain
restaurant to go back.

A few weeks later a very similar restaurant opened
up a mile down the road.

We vowed to try out this competitor.

the Foodie Daughter and I braved the 
crowds of out-of-town students
and their families to meet up at Mr. Hibachi.

We pulled into the parking lot and immediately
noticed that the place was packed.

It might be noted that Urbanspoon currently ranks this 
restaurant at 86% versus HuHot's 55%.

The prices are a bit better here as well.

I always ask for ice water with lemon on the side.

Dang it!  
I wanted it on the left side, 
not the right side of the glass!

For my first trip to the buffet, 
I decided to got to the grill.

I chose
pork, broccoli, pineapple,
bean sprouts, shredded carrots and celery,
mushrooms, green peppers, noodles and red onions.
I opted to go with 1/2 ladle of chili sauce,
1/2 ladle of garlic, 2 ladles of teriyaki and 
1 ladle of brown sauce.

I found it interesting that raw eggs were 
available on the hibachi bar.
Other items were cabagge, white onion,
chicken, shrimp,
and krab.
Mr. Hibachi also offers a sushi bar,
a salad bar and extensive dessert bars
besides the hibachi bar and the hot buffet bars.

The grill master works on the entrees.

This grill only handles three entrees at a time.
None of the other entrees were chicken
so I had no worries of cross-contamination.

I decided to add a half scoop of white rice to my plate
before I went to my seat.

This was good, but hot.

The Foodie Daughter chose
beef, shredded carrots and celery,
red onion, noodles and 5 or 6 ladles of teriyaki sauce
for her grilled plate.

She then stopped by the buffet and picked up 
a chicken on a stick,
some General Tso's Chicken,
crispy chicken and rice noodles.

She very much enjoyed her meal.

I decided to go back and try out some of the buffet 

This time around I got fried rice,
pepper beef, mushroom pork,
Mongolian pork and two crab rangoon.

Those crab rangoon were the best I have ever had.
I could actually taste the crab.
Imagine that - crab in crab rangoon!
It wasn't just cream cheese with a tiny bit of flavoring.

The servers were attentive and very friendly.

All in all, this was a very nice meal.

You can bet that we will be returning to Mr. Hibachi.
Although, I might be holding back on that chili sauce
the next time.

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