Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Spring Garden Job List Has Been Completed!

After several weeks of hard work,
the spring garden job list has been completed.

There are just a few pesky jobs left that have
nothing to do with gardening,
but the spring gardening jobs are
all checked off.

Color me relieved.

And wouldn't you know that this list
just kept getting longer and longer
as the season progressed?

This morning I finally put down the last bags of
shredded cypress mulch on the garden beds
and recycled rubber mulch on the paths.

For now, it's just weed, weed, weed.

And isn't that the life story of a gardener?

I am already planning new projects for next spring.

But that is also the truism of any garden:
"The Garden is Never Finished."

But for now the day is finished.

Good night, world.

Good night, garden.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Nice work!

You have lovely handwriting.

Marilyn said...

It feels good to be able to cross all those items off the list. There is still much I want to do, but those things will have to wait for now.

tortietat said...