Thursday, February 3, 2011

And the Sun Shines

The "Storm of the Century",

or whatever name they have given this latest storm,

has finally left us and the sun once again shines

brightly in the sky.

The Foodie Daughter once again attempts to chip her

car out of the ice block that envelops it...

As I bring her hot water to speed along the process

and stop to take some pictures every so often.

Pretty, but does it have to be so cold?

And now I'll let you enjoy the view from my back deck.

Despite the cold temperatures, the sun is melting the ice.

Icicles under the table.

After lunch I decided to brave the cold and take a walk

around the neighborhood.

More storm damage.

A Bradford Pear has split under the weight of the ice.

These trees are notoriously weak in storms.

Yet another Bradford Pear lost a limb or two.

The tree by the garage has been bowed by the weight

of the ice.

It may recover, given time.

Remember that I said that willows were weak trees

and susceptible to ice damage?

The tree to the right proves that point.

Another willow.

I stopped to talk to a couple of my neighbors.

But they were busy and not in the mood

for conversation.
So I continued on my way.

Another evergreen with storm damage.

They say that our area was fortunate compared

with other areas of the country.

After all, this was a monster storm,

stretching 2,000 miles from end to end,

so that may be true.

Doesn't help those in our area who are still without power,


When will spring be here?

Won't be soon enough.

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Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thank you for the tour.

I still want snow.