Friday, July 23, 2010

More Minx

Sorry, but with heat indices in the 100's,

I don't feel like talking about food at the moment.

Instead, I've been snapping shots of things around me.

Minx is a curious cat.

You know what they say about curious cats.

While out in the garden the other evening,

I plucked a few sprigs of lemon catnip.

Our last cat, Midnight, eschewed this treat.

Minx, however, loves lemon catnip.

The Foodie Daughter plays with Minx.

Go, Minx, go.

Minx is happy.

Minx has a busy tail.

I will have to get a video of this sometime for you.

This cat's tail simply cannot stay still.

We often say that Minx should be hung on a wall like a clock.

Lovely, adorable, patient Minx.

He brings much joy to our world.

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