Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gypsy Bacon,

AKA Dirty Bread

We now interrupt the butterflies and sunsets for some food.

I do seem to recall something about this site

theoretically being a food blog.

I recently purchased a smoked pork jowl for another dish,

but knew that the Foodie Daughter

would just love it if I also got some rye bread

so we could make Gypsy Bacon.

What's not to love?

First I trimmed off the rind and sliced some of the pork jowl.

A bit of paprika was the only seasoning needed.


I chopped up some Roma tomatoes, fresh from the garden,

some bell pepper, Romaine lettuce and onion.

Cucumber would have been nice,

but I didn't have any on hand.

The pork jowl is cooking up nicely.

The Foodie Daughter blots a piece on a slice of bread

(thus the moniker, Dirty Bread).

Later I sliced the pork jowl into bits so we could each

have some.

This was so good and I think I've figured out

how to quickly and easily make this summer dish.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

I've never had pork jowl.
Looking forward to this.
Thank you.

Marilyn said...

It's like bacon on steroids.

Anonymous said...

You made it wrong. It's made using the fat grease drippings over an open fire. You press the drippings onto the bread and then veggies

Marilyn said...

Annonymous, that is the traditional way to make Dirty Bread. But it certainly is not the only way, as this post demonstrates.