Thursday, May 20, 2010

Minx Strikes Again

The Foodie Daughter was recently able to catch a rare sight:

that of the felinus sinkoritus.

Or cat in sink.

This rare and elusive creature shows no fear
when confronted with his natural enemy - water.

"What, I'm happy here."

Let's just let this creature be, shall we?

All of you parents out there know what it is like,

trying to deal with sibling rivalry and all.

Apparently, the Foodie Daughter had too much time

on her hands and decided to play a trick on poor Minx.


Minx finally freed himself of that annoying bell and the feathers!


What are you gonna do with them?


Rosie Hawthorne said...

I used to put a piece of scotch tape smack dab in the middle of my cat's back. Now that was funny!

CarolynA said...

Silly siblings. Minx is probably of the opinion he showed who is the most clever.

I used to cat-sit for a felinus sinkoritus. He always wanted to redecorate my apartment bathroom in the globs of black fur style