Friday, April 23, 2010

More Minx Mayhem

Minx is a busy little kitty.

Here he hops in an empty waste basket.

Minx checks out an empty box.

Kitties love boxes.

Minx also likes shoes.

Here, he sits with the Foodie Boyfriend's hot pink shoes.

Minx found another box.

Just make yourself at home, Minx.

Now he's bagging it.

And back in the box.

Don't bother getting kitties expensive gifts.

Just give them empty boxes.

Minx likes to play with my plants.

Uh oh.

Now Minx has found trouble.

Soon after we moved here,

we found that we couldn't have the lower sash open

as Midnight quickly learned how to push out the screen

and escape out the window.


these are double-sash windows,

meaning that both the upper and lower sashes open.

But our little industrious Minx has discovered

something that our very clever Midnight never did:

he can climb up the window.

Yep, this is trouble.

Foiled for the moment,

Minx guards the stairs.

Another nice day and Minx sees another chance to escape!

No, no, Minx.

You don't belong up there!

" Hmph, darn human closed the window on me."

Poor Minx.

1 comment:

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Minx is quite industrious.
I'm impressed.